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Full Service.

Solution Focused. Reliable.

A long-term resource for every stage of your building’s life.

Full Service.

Solution Focused. Reliable.

A long-term resource for every stage of your building’s life.

Commercial Electrical Installation

The skyline of our community is like the photos of our kids and their friends--we know them all. Our relationship with a building typically starts with the construction manager who is building the structure, adding to the footprint or refreshing the interior. We install everything from the power pole to the light switch, which includes the underground distribution, back up power, switchgear and everything the building end user sees- lights, outlets, and equipment to make their job easier.


Our fully staffed preconstruction team will work with you to plan the design strategy for your project. We’ll work from narratives or conceptual drawings to help you plan your project, discover options and increase value.


We immerse ourselves in a full-service project delivery team and can provide stamped electrical design drawings.


We dig deep into the details to offer seriously competitive pricing.

BIM Coordination

We provide BIM services which can include everything from clash detection to as-built documentation, and every component in between.

Equipment Installation

Advanced technology and specialty equipment (from CT machines to pizza ovens) need dedicated power lines which often means the panel and distribution systems need to be upgraded to handle the load. We have extensive experience in adding or upgrading specialty equipment in operational lab, healthcare, manufacturing and restaurant applications.

Maintenance & Building Operation Support

Once the building is open for daily business operations, we work with Building Owners and Property Managers to provide electrical support for key building systems and equipment as well as serve as a dependable resource for upgrades and modifications.


We provide auto-notification and response maintenance services for critical equipment in healthcare and lab settings.

On-Call Response

Things happen. Our team is ready to respond to the unexpected. We are here to help.

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